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 Liaoning Xinyuan Temperature Control Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of temperature control products. There are 200 employees and 10000 square meters of intelligent production workshop. Focusing on the Internet of things and building environment, the company has invested more than 100 million yuan in scientific research. At present, the company's intelligent temperature controller, intelligent control system and Internet of things cloud platform are at the leading level in China. In 2020, the company produced and sold more than 3.21 million sets of temperature controllers. The products are used in electric heating, gas heating, central air conditioning, agricultural breeding and other fields, It is used for 30 million square meters of buildings. Over the past 22 years, we have sold more than 20 million sets of intelligent hardware, and currently have more than 1 million data on the network  Over the years, adhering to the business philosophy of using Internet of things technology to create a comfortable

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Heating thermostat

Heating thermostat It is to adjust the current output value of the control load (conductor) to control the temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of constant temperature, and give people a comfortable, energy-saving, environmental protection and high-quality life enjoyment.

Electric Heating Products

Boiler thermostat

Four working modes: constant temperature, daily plan, weekly plan and antifreeze. Programming in 1 ~ 48 hours a day is flexible and convenient. Relay automatic error correction function. Keyboard lock function. The full function interface and simple interface can be switched to make the operation easier.

壁挂 Products

Fan coil thermostat

Various working modes: constant temperature refrigeration, constant temperature heating, intelligent refrigeration, intelligent heating, etc. Four fan speeds are available. White backlight. All parameter settings are saved after power failure.

 air-conditioning Products

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  • Lei Yu

    South China Sales Manager

  • Yanmei Guo

    Sales manager of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region

  • Yu Cao

    Sales supervisor of central China

  • Yan Zhang

    Northwest Sales Manager

  • Wen Hu Yang

    East China Sales Supervisor

  • Hongxian Liu

    Sales supervisor of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region

  • Hongbo Yu

    Northwest Sales Manager

  • Qingming Cui

    East China Sales Manager

  • Yong Pang

    North China Sales Manager

  • Guoqing Xiang

    Northeast Sales Manager

  • Junjie Zhu

    Northeast Sales

  • Xiaomeng Liu

    Manager of national electric heating plate busines

  • Bing Guan

  • Ke Li

  • Ye Liu

  • Jinxu Wang

  • Hao Zhang

  • Kai Zhang

  • Meijiao Zhang

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